Booster Bids
The Surprising Fundraiser


The Surprise

Everyone has seen those ads on TV where people are getting unbelievable deals on great products.

Now your organization can offer your members those same types of deals by sponsoring a fee-based auction where the prices only go up by one penny each time someone bids.

And here is the real surprise.

Unlike other auctions, this one ends SUDDENLY...RANDOMLY...SUPRISINGLY. That's right...THE AUCTION ENDS AT ANYTIME.

It could end after the first bid, the tenth bid, the hundredth bid or whenever. No one knows! (Except the Booster Bids digital Auctioneer!)

It is a total surprise to everyone...particularly the winners.

That means every bid has an equal importance. Your members will quickly learn that "The more you jump in and bid, the better chance you have of winning...anytime."

It's an exciting, fun and really great fundraiser for your Organization.

Isn't that a nice surprise.

How Our Services Work

Let us Help your Organization raise money ... the fun and easy way.

Step 1 - Your Free Auction Items

Actually, this Step is already done for your Organization and it is free.

To help your organization get started, Booster Bids will provide five valuable items to be individually auctioned. These items will range from a fairly expensive item (a car or truck, for example) to one intermediately priced item (a very nice vacation) to three items with an average worth of about $1,500 apiece (jewelry, electronics, etc.). The total cost of these items will be approximately $40,000 and they are at absolutely no cost to your Organization.

Step 2 - Become a Sponsor

By becoming a sponsor, your Organization will then have a unique link to the Booster Bids website. Booster Bids will place the five items on the site for a fee-based auction and then it’s up to your Organization to get its unique website link to the auction in front of your members, family and friends. Your Organization’s members (and their invited friends and family) purchase $25 bid packets that contain 25 bids. They are now able to place multiple one cent bids on any of the five items. When the BoosterBids digital Auctioneer randomly stops the auction on a particular item, the last bid wins the item for a price that is well below the market value.

Step 3 - Your Return

Your Organization receives a percentage of the Booster Bids Bundle sales revenue coming into the Booster Bids site AND, your members receive a fair and fun auction experience where they can win all sorts of popular products at great prices.

Remember: Booster Bids is an EXTRA revenue stream coming into your Organization’s bottom line without the work and without compromising your Organization’s other fund-raising efforts.

Isn't that a nice surprise!


Our Pledge

No Cost

Booster Bids will help your Organization get started by providing valuable auction items at no cost. Your Organization does not pay any upfront costs to Booster Bids and Booster Bids works as a true partner to help make your Organization’s fund raising drive a real success. If your Organization doesn’t make any money, Booster Bids doesn’t make any money.

Exclusive Limited Auctions

The bidding is exclusive to only the folks that were invited to join in the fun. (That makes it easier for anyone to place the winning bid!) And, there’s no expensive ad campaign so all participating organizations receive a proportionate share in the rewards of a successful fund drive.


Booster Bids will not collect personally identifiable information about your Organization’s members or invited participants except for payment and shipping information.  Booster Bids will only use that information for such purposes as fulfilling your Organization’s contractual interests and Booster Bids will not share your Organization’s information with any outside third parties, except to insure proper payment and shipping.

Payment Methods

Booster Bids accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 100+ currencies.


At the conclusion of your Organization’s fund raising campaign, Booster Bids will provide to your Organization a full, detailed report of all purchases made through your Organization’s unique link.

Security - SSL

Booster Bids uses the highest possible levels of security (2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption) to protect your Organization and its members.

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